How to Check IRS Refund

How to check status of refund on IRS website [IR 2008-64]:  IRS has reminded taxpayers they can check on the status of their expected refunds by using the “Where's My Refund” tool on the agency Web site at,,id=96596,00.html.  Taxpayers can check on the status of their refund seven days after electronically filing a return. For a paper return, taxpayers should wait at least four weeks after mailing the return. To access personalized refund information, taxpayers must provide their Social Security number (or Taxpayer Identification Number), their filing status, and the exact refund amount appearing on their tax returns. Taxpayers also can use the tool to trace a refund check beginning 28 days after IRS says it mailed the check. Spanish-speaking taxpayers can receive refund information by clicking the “Spanish” link on the IRS Web site at  or by going directly to,,id=175391,00.html . IRS cautioned that some scam artists are sending bogus e-mails, including those relating to refunds, to trick people into revealing personal financial information. Reprinted from RIA 4-24-08

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